Brauns, Nikolaus. Schafft rote Hilfe! Geschichte und Aktivitäten der proletarischen Hilfsorganisation für politische Gefangene in Deutschland [1919-1938]. Pahl-Rugenstein, Bonn 2003. 345 pp. Ill. € 32.00.
Based on a dissertation (Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität München, 2002), this richly illustrated study gives a comprehensive overview of the history and organizational structure of the Rote Hilfe Deutschlands, the German Red Aid, from its establishment in 1924 to its dissolution in 1938. Dr Brauns explores the proletarian relief organization's predecessors in the revolutionary period and conducts an inventory of its various activities in social care, financial aid and legal support for German and foreign political prisoners and refugees and their families and the resistance efforts from 1933 onward.
International Review of Social History (Vol.50, Part 2, 2005) – International Institut of Social History (Amsterdam)